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Anders Schønnemann

Anders Schønnemann is a Danish photographer based in Copenhagen. I discovered his interior work in Kinfolk, but after searching his portfolio online I fell utterly in love with his travel series. 

You know how the saying goes, ‘ The travel bug has bit’. But what if it’s just remained stagnant? I haven’t travelled in a really long time. I’ve gone away for weekends, but haven’t explored somewhere exotic, somewhere entirely new and different and culturally disparate in too long. Somewhere as non South African as it gets. And I am dying. I love these photographs. They inspire me to travel again, and ignite the adventurous spirit that has become dormant in pursuit of a career.

Sardinia, Cala Sisine  490_01-travel  490_17-travel 5684_04-travel 5684_05-travel 490_15-te5684_06-travel 5690_10-travel 5690_11-travel 5690_12-travel 5696_16-travel 5696_20-travel _1045700_18-travel 5700_19-travel 5713_23-travel 490_01-laos5713_24-travel

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