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Frederik Vercruysse

Frederik Vercruysse is a Belgian photographer based in Antwerp. His varied portfolio includes architecture, interiors, still life, landscape and people, a prolific body of work that captures the story and soul of its subject matter.

Frederik communicates meaning by capturing the atmosphere and true soul of a space; in essence, he makes a long story short. ‘I work in a really controlled way. Weighing and balancing until my image finds its equilibrium. This singles me out as a photographer. But not as a human being. Because in my mind, I’m a scatterbrain.’

‘This is why I love still life. In my head as well as in my images. Stillness is important for working efficiently. That perfect balance between stillness and noise, that’s what I’m after.’

In this selection of work, Christie’s, the famous auction house, commissioned Frederik to bring life to some of Brussels’ Art Nouveau and Art Deco treasures, where great buildings that are normally off limits to the public open their doors. The publication honoured the 2015 Art Nouveau and Art Deco biennale.

Get lost in more of Frederik’s architectural work at

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