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Isabelle Menin

We know the words, the reality has become customary: we live in a media saturated world. It’s a life of constant exposure to new brands, languages, ideals and innovations. We are spoilt with content. Overexposed.

But sometimes, amidst the blurry haze of content, there comes a find so jarringly clear, and so unlike anything else, that one simply has to stop. In this case, it’s Isabelle Menin.

Based in Brussels, Isabelle creates these incredible floral ‘paintings’. Although they’re not paintings at all, but rather photographs made into curving, undulating bouquets. Taking pictures and scanning pieces of nature, Isabelle plays with texture and colour, transforming and mixing them into unique shapes. It becomes an incredibly mesmerising natural – yet fictional world. Flamboyant, bold, but best of all, distinctive.

Scrolling through her portfolio emits gasp after gasp – just when you think you’ve seen the best, the best follows.



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