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Lim + Lu

I discovered this space on Pinterest: a simple, chic interior with pops of colour and metallic accents. I did some research, and it serves as both a home and a showroom for Hong Kong-based design studio Lim + Lu. Located in Happy Valley, Hong Kong, it’s both modern and quirky; an inspiring space using unconventional colours.

Lim + Lu’s designs are inspired by familiar images from everyday life. Totally individual, they’re a breath of fresh air. This three-bedroom apartment was given new life, the space was opened up and the interiors transformed with fresh colours, warm oak flooring and patterned ceramic tiles.

Prior to the renovation, the interior had characteristics typical of a Hong Kong apartment: a long and narrow corridor void of light which serviced three bedrooms and distinctly demarcated spaces for the kitchen and living room, all in a tired and muted colour tone. Now, it boasts rich pastels and dark hues. The space was transformed to blend effortlessly together as one.

closet corner corridor kitchen living splitbedbed2bathroom

Photography Nirut Benjabanpot

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