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Porky Hefer to Open Solo Show in NY

Original to the core, Porky Hefer, having recently represented South Africa at the inaugural London Design Biennale with Southern Guild, is set to stagger audiences with his first solo exhibition in New York at the design gallery R & Company.

An exploration into perception and natural instinct, Porky’s Heart of Lightness will invoke a new discourse around the sensibilities of handmade design, the joy of child-like reception and the transformative effects of meditation. With drama and intrigue, Porky’s pieces challenge us to shed what is learned for what is inherently and unconsciously known – to examine our responses, preconceptions and limitations. He encourages viewers to reconnect the senses, embrace visceral reactions and to welcome an innocent, open-hearted awe.

‘Porky has become best known for creating immersive environments that allow people to escape into a different world,’ says R & Company principal Zesty Meyers. ‘They’re beautifully made and seemingly weightless objects that make people think about installation, performance and design in a new way.’

By presenting his show in a New York context, Porky makes an important statement about Africa. He tells a story of a continent embracing a strong artisanal spirit, rather than relying on mass-production. He urges us to interrogate why we are so removed from our natural environments.

Porky Hefer is represented by Southern Guild. Heart of Lightness runs from 17 January to 23 February 2017.

porky-hefer_mask_courtesy-of-southern-guild_credit-rudi-geyser_ii porky-hefer_wasp-nest_courtesy-of-southern-guild_credit-rudi-geyser_iii porky-hefer_james-brown_courtesy-of-southern-guild_credit-rudi-geyser_ix porky-hefer_caterpillar_courtesy-of-southern-guild_credit-rudi-geyser_iii porky-hefer_bwa-leaf-mask_courtesy-of-southern-guild_credit-rudi-geyser_iii


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