My name is Lisa. I’m a writer and editor living in Cape Town. I spend a lot of time online, for work mostly. I write a lot, for work too. Each day I’m exposed to the accomplishments of some of South Africa’s most talented creatives – and everything in between.

In 2012 I started a blog. It was called The Cat is Ginger. (It was intended to be a treasury of my favourite things.) I had no idea what I was doing. What is this WordPress thing? What is the difference between a post and a category? What is the difference between a good post and a bad one? And what on earth is a widget? Through trial and error I figured it out. Flash forward and the skill I taught myself then is the skill that pays my bills now.

I’m sad I lost that creative outlet. I thought I’d pick the blog up again at one stage, but I gave up the domain years ago and embarked on other creative projects and collaborations instead. But I’d like something for me this time. Except with a grown-up angle.

To view my CV visit: Lisa Wallace CV 2023