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Discover the Beauty of Reclaimed Teak and Coco

 The Weylandt family has been travelling to Indonesia for three generations, discovering its abundant materials, craftsmanship, vibrancy and culture. Java, our latest collection, is a distillation of years of collaboration there; we’ve combined the best of what we’ve created with excellent artisans and refined it into an iconic, heirloom collection steeped in heritage.

An Ode to Craftsmanship

In our new Java Collection, we use traditional handcrafted skills to preserve soul and character, centred around materiality.

This range of reclaimed teak products comes from timber sourced from deserted homes and buildings in remote villages in East Java, Indonesia. Following ancient knowledge and Javanese traditions, these selvaged materials are used to produce unique and high-quality pieces, each with its own story.

The Coco Range

Born from ‘the tree of life’, the coco leaf is masterfully woven on a traditional loom to create authentic, textured patterns.

Due to its versatility, the coconut tree is known as ‘the tree of life’. Local Javanese crafters use the middle of the leaves of the coconut palm to create distinctive textures. The process is complex; thin, handpicked midribs are spun together with yarn on a traditional loom.

For centuries artisans have crafted products using these honest materials, passing down knowledge and skill, bringing out the best in their chosen material. This range celebrates the traditional mastery of weaving, knotting and braiding.

The Teak Range

Traditional, handcrafted skills preserve the soul and character of teak, creating unique and elegant textures that can never be reproduced or imitated with newly cut wood.

Repurposing the wood is an elaborate process. After sorting, craftsmen sand and rework each piece by hand. With striking silhouettes and detailed woodwork, the pieces become works of art themselves.

Brawny Chair

The Brawny chair combines robust and bold design, assembled using reclaimed wood and abaca weaving. It has a richly textured back and seat, both comfortable and striking.

Caterpillar Counter Stool

Featuring a reclaimed teak body and seat handwoven in abaca, the Caterpillar brings interest with its rich textures and earthy hues. Its thoughtful craftsmanship a detailing make it a timeless addition to your home.

Rebana Stool

Crafted using reclaimed teak and abaca, the versatile Rebana stool features smooth tops and unique handwoven detailing. The lightness and sculptural shape of the stool add intrigue and functionality.

Knut Padi Coffee Table Set

The Knut Padi coffee tables are crafted using reclaimed teak and abaca to capture the essence of organic design. With hand-braided bases, these tables work as standalone pieces or practical clusters in your living area.

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