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The Art of Slowing Down

The Weylandts‘ home on the coast of the Atlantic is a chance to reset and revel in the beauty of one’s surroundings. Chris Weylandt and his partner Kim Smith have realised a place where interiors, nature and gathering with friends and family fuse together. The affinity for seamless design and laid-back living make it a sanctuary to recharge, the essence of the Weylandts brand.

Authentic Ways of Being

Slowing down is about capturing moments rich in perspective, each thoughtfully gathered.

Food for Thought: From Nature to Table

Slowing down is about enjoying the process of living in the moment: the sourcing, the preparation, the cooking, and the final presentation of the ingredients. It’s a celebration of life.

Archae Crockery Range

Handcrafted in the Alcobaca region in Portugal, an area known for its large clay deposits, the Archaea crockery range contrasts a table scene with its mottled motif. The stoneware’s green-coloured reactive glazing is done by hand, making each item unique and distinguishable.

A tablescape doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s about creative expression and telling your own story.

Ovo Crockery Range

Each stoneware piece in the Ovo crockery range features organic forms in soft white and natural tones. It pairs beautifully with crocker from the Archea and Ovo Speckled ranges, complementing textured placemats and rustic tablescapes.

Ovo Speckled Crockery Range

Featuring a playful flecked motif, the Ovo Speckled crockery range is handcrafted using traditional Portuguese glazing techniques. Done by hand, it creates unique and beautiful ceramic reactions.

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