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Studio Joanna Laajisto

My home needs work. I’ve been living in it for six years and it needs work. Houses and apartments take maintenance and at the moment I’m embarrassed by how run-down and sad it is. In light of this, I’ve imagined a lump-sum lotto win and an opportunity to renovate the parts of my home that yearn for a spruce up – i.e everything.

Inspired by this ‘ultimate renovation’, I’ve naturally turned to the Scands. Studio Joanna Laajisto, headed up by the eponymous lass herself, is a Helsinki-based boutique design agency with a focus on functionality, quality and infinitely beautiful aesthetic. Founded in 2010, and scoping commercial, retail, hospitality and office design, each project is a masterpiece.

‘We believe that a well designed project is the best form of sustainability and that outstanding results are created together with clients who share our passion for quality and beauty,’ shares Joanna.

‘Our designs are always crafted from the end-user’s point of view.’

This office in Helsinki created for design and innovation consultancy, Fjord, offers as much a homely feel as a productive, effectively utilised infrastructure for mad-ass concentration and just about the most inspiring meetings, ever. The soft furnishings (please note the lounge area), and unique use of space and finishes, not to mention masterful use of subdivision, modern fixtures to complement more classic lines, and floors and heritage window panes that provide unfiltered light, all play into an alluring space that’s as inspiring as it is functional.

In. Love.

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